NSF Engines Development Award:
Advancing Semiconductor Technologies
in the Northwest (OR, ID, WA)

Advancing Semiconductor Technologies in the Northwest

Advancing Semiconductor Technologies in the Northwest (ASTN) leverages federal, regional, state, private and public institutions in its vision to develop a regional innovation ecosystem that advances use-inspired semiconductors, invents scalable nanofabrication manufacturing processes, innovates in energy-efficient, memory-centric computing architectures, increases functionality via More than Moore, develops innovative computation tools, expands innovation, entrepreneurship and creates training programs to enable a diverse workforce.

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Oregon Partners

Idaho Partners

Washington Partners

Regional Impact

Regional semiconductor companies have recently invested hundreds of millions of dollars in new or expanded facilities, creating and retaining hundreds of jobs. Northwest regional, state and local governments are evaluating investment strategies to leverage CHIPS and Science Act funds to significantly impact the return on investment for the semiconductor ecosystem.

ASTN Characteristics and Workforce Development

Previously, private sector-led innovation efforts in the Northwest have not effectively integrated strategic public sector and academic institution involvement. Through ASTN, we will fully align and integrate the public and private sector’s innovation efforts and support— which will enable breakthrough innovations, spinouts, startups and workforce-related activity — and lead to a prosperous future for state, regional and national economies.